True Reporter

Welcome to Mistwood!

My name is Betty Hope. I’m a successful investigative reporter and a lucky fiancée of the town’s most famous chef and restaurant owner. I was going to live happily ever after.

Six months ago my fiancé vanished without a trace. The police believe Charlie got cold feet, but I refuse to accept that! I decided to find out the truth no matter what. I wish I hadn’t…

By the way, here’s Nick — a deputy sheriff who helps me to conduct my investigations. Nick also believes that Charlie’s abduction is but a single link in the chain of crimes binding this city.

A city that only looks safe and peaceful.
I won’t stop until I find out what actually happened, discover who is to blame for the accident, and most importantly, find Charlie.

But to do so I’ll have to break the illusion of Mistwood’s peaceful life and lay bare its darkest secrets.

The secrets that should stay hidden.

Are you with me?

Coming soon